We have come to the end of the campaign!

It is true, we have reached the end of the B.O.N.N.G.A. campaign. However, our work continues! While we may not have reached our funding goal, as promised, we have found a way for your donations to make a difference for the communities that InHand Abra serves. Below is a letter from Carmelita Bersalona, the Executive Director, explaining our next move:

“September 15, 2014, 3 days before World Bamboo Day marks another day for B.O.N.G.G.A: RIDE FOR CLIMATE CHANGE IN THE PHILIPPINES. It maybe the last day of fund raising for a much needed preservation tank but it may also pave the way for another bamboo venture : BAMBOO CHARCOAL/BRIQUETTE FOR CLIMATE CHANGE.

The Bamboo Charcoal/Briquette for Climate Change Project aims to :


  1. Increase the income of bamboo production communities (37 communities) like the stick makers of Pantoc, San Quintin, the furniture makers of Pidigan, the weavers of Udangan and Mudeng, La Paz, bamboocraft makers of Bucay, Tayum and San Juan (said producers earn an average of PhP 50/day or 1.13$/day) by processing their waste into charcoal,
  2. Enable the proper management of bamboo stands by the utilization of unwanted culms and bamboo harvest left overs by bamboo stands owners/farmers,
  3. Promote the use of bamboo charcoal and briquette as alternative fuel to wood charcoal hence protecting our trees nay our environment,
  4. Promote the use of earthen made stoves thereby providing additional income for stove makers of Dolores,
  5. Create an environment of convergence of resources (e.g. the military and other government agencies providing needed materials and other needed logistics, non-governmental organizations providing technical assistance and marketing support), and
  6. Strengthen networking towards economic development thereby economically empowering more people (one of the recommendations during the meeting of the Church- Military -Police Action Group attended by the Commission of Elections (COMELEC) and other non-governmental organizations on August 26, 2014) .


It requires an initial funding of US$ 3000 for the fabrication of 50 metal drum pyrolizers to be distributed to bamboo producing communities, and one hammer mill and one honey comb mold.


As we thank all the bamboo friends donors, we take this opportunity to request that the amount of 2,500$ raised in B.O.N.G.G.A: RIDE FOR CLIMATE CHANGE IN THE PHILIPPINES project will be used for the BAMBOO CHARCOAL/BRIQUETTE project. A portion of this project will be used to raise funds from the profit of sale of the briquettes toward long-term projects like the preservation tank.






What a wonderful opportunity to apply our fundraising efforts and I hope that folks will check back in to see how InHand Abra is doing over the next few months as we move forward with getting them funded.

Again, I am humbled by the response of so many of you for supporting this much needed effort to assist an organization that is directly engaged in climate change adaptation strategies. I believe that this organization truly makes vulnerable communities more resilient to the devastating impacts of stronger typhoons and shifting growing seasons, and I thank you for taking action.

The past few months spent working on this project and riding RAGBRAI have bolstered my belief in human compassion and awareness of our changing environment, especially those moments when people I had never met before handed me five dollar bills while I stood next to the bambike talking about our campaign, or dear friends and family members would generously add to our funds. Thank you, all of you, and you know who you are! This would not have been possible without each and every one of us!!!

Maraming Salamat,



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