Early risers

I can’t say I had a restful night of sleeping, partly because I was laying on a thin blow-up mat for the first time in many years and partly because I was excited to be sleeping in my tent! And then our 4:15am wake-up time came too soon, but as the sun began to rise and the food truck started dishing out breakfast and coffee, things started feeling less stiff and sore. The morning started beautifully…


Sadly, due to the pending thunderstorm, I decided to leave for home sooner rather than later. The group was gathering to discuss important updates and to say hello to the newcomers (myself included), and farewell to those that are departing.


I began saying my goodbyes to friends I had just met and those that I will see back in Iowa City.





Turning my wheels on the gravel road headed West I sent a last farewell wave over my shoulder and saw the storm moving in quickly. Luckily I was able to duck into Reid’s Beans, a delightful coffee shop that also serves food, a couple miles down the road.


Thank you for the lovely oatmeal and pleasant conversation, Laura (co-owner)! And I met someone who turned out to be a neighbor, hi Dana!


Well, since the storm has passed, I will scoot on home!

Good luck to the Marchers as they continue on! Stay safe and as dry as possible 🙂



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