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It has been 2 and a half weeks since we returned from RAGBRAI, and I am still awed by the amount of support we have recieved and continue to recieve for the BONGGA campaign. Whether it has been donations on the Indiegogo website or checks handed to me in person, I have felt the humbled gong of gratitude. It is not only in financial contributions, but in assistance in spreading the word and in earnest conversations: “That’s so cool, what are the climate change impacts on the Philippines?” I love it! Climate change/ Philippines/ Bamboo are 3 things I could discuss for probably days on end! (Which maybe explains part of the “Bongga” title~ me!)

Me planting bamboo

Me planting bamboo in the Philippines, like you do…

And I am still reeling from all of the RAGBRAI experiences and moments when folks riding behind me would call out “Is that bamboo?!” and then proceed to ask me where I got it and did I make it, and sometimes I could precariously fetch a calling card for them out of the plastic baggy I kept in the back pocket of my bike jersey. Talking with folks about bamboo and the Philippines was never exhausting, even when biking through a hail storm that forced trees to bend at 90 degrees and froze my hands to the handlebars (I wish I could say that was a huge exaggeration…)

I just want to say thank you, thank you, maraming salamat po to all of those that stopped to ask questions, spread the word through social media, gave money online or held out 5$ bills to me while picking up the bambike and remarking on the feel of the bamboo, it’s strength and smoothness.

All of these offerings have added up to one big success, whether we reach our $40,000 funding goal or not.

And stay tuned! I will be continuing the BONGGA ride next week, joining an Iowa slice of the Great March for Climate Action, a group of activists marching from California to DC to raise awareness about climate change. And, I will be sending out a more snippets of the RAGBRAI experience very soon. 

much love,




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