Day 6: Shelter from the storm

Today started out cold, wet, and windy–with 35 mile/hour headwinds! As luck would have it, my new friend Keith had offered me his extra jacket the evening before to fight off the cold nights, and I had not yet had an opportunity to return it. That jacket became a crucial shield between me and the elements…rain, wind, and even hail. No joke. Thank you Keith!

And thanks to Bill, who kept the glass half full. Example: imagine making a turn onto a road and heading full-on into the harsh winds. Bill’s take: “Hey, at least our clothes might get dry!” Seriously. 🙂

Bill trucking through the rain

Bill trucking through the rain

And thank you to all of the RAGBRAIAN host towns, everyday but Friday especially, who opened up their offices and homes to our weary cycling souls, serving us coffee and letting us huddle over their warm vents for as long as we needed.

But we did it!! And there was warmth and a bit o’ sunshine at the end of the day’s ride…including our family who came into town to greet us at the festival!

One more day to the finish line!

Thanks for supporting the Kawayan Krew!!

with love

Vanessa and the BamBoys



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