Building out bambike

Phase 1: Get bambike off floor. Check.

Phase 1: Get bambike off floor.

So I have slowly been purchasing parts for the bambike and my friend Mark is the bike wiz I have been searching for. A few weeks ago (has it already been a month?!), he invited me down to the bike coop where he volunteers and we put the bambike up on it’s first stint with a bike stand as Mark pulled out his handy-dandy caliper and measured and remeasured all kinds of places. We talked about many things that I am learning about bikes (none of which I can recall at the moment, sorry Mark!) and then we started looking online for the parts that corresponded to the dimensions he diligently gathered.

So far the Sturmey Archer 8-speed hub set has come in, I just ordered these and Mark just texted me today that he sourced a seatpost, headset, and spokes. Why? Because he is awesome and we are having a good time on this project and we have decided to trade house work for bike work. Sounds good to me. He’s more of a bike person than I am but when you need someone to help with putting in a parquet floor, I will gladly show up in kind.

I’m starting to think this bike is actually going to be built! And so far I’ve been working on the Expresso bike in the school gym, on which I’m working out a 10 mile circuit that is pretty challenging. I plan on doubling this distance over the next few weeks and with the temps reaching mid-thirties this week, I might even be able to ride outside soon. Spring is on it’s way!!!


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